Normandy Day UK and Coventry Peace Orchard are happy to announce the launch of Your Peace Orchard 2020 – Art in a box, the first stage in our Art in the Orchard programme.

Art in a box

The Coventry Community Peace Orchard is moving into a new phase in time for Coventry City of Culture 2021. A three-phase project - 'Your Peace Orchard' - is planned, beginning with 'Art in a Box'.

This ingenious Covid19-friendly project has been designed to involve people in art and the environment.

We are producing 75 boxes to mark the 75 years since the end of World War II. The box and its contents have been carefully designed to reflect the work of the Peace Orchard including a specially commissioned book.

Download activity sheets

Heather Davison, who runs the charity, commented that,  ‘We are incredibly honoured to have worked with local artist and poet Andrea Mbarushimana and artist Ammi Dhaliwal to produce the booklet and the boxes for us. Anyone can apply or nominate someone they know to receive a box, we’d really like the boxes to go to people who don’t ordinarily have the opportunity or materials to take part in arts and creative activities so we can make the biggest difference.’

The box is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 and contains professionally designed and sourced poetry, arts and crafts projects to get the creative juices flowing. Each box has simple clear instructions included and there are eight activities to appeal to everyone who likes arts and creative projects.

Recipients will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Art in the Orchard event planned for Monday 31st August at the Peace Orchard. This will be by special invitation for the recipients of the boxes their families to see their work on display or their poetry performed in the open air.

If you would like a box please email Daksha Piparia at by the 17th August.