To continue bringing ‘Your Peace Orchard’ to the Coventry public during the 2020/21 pandemic, the Art in the Orchard project began with Art in a Box.

Art in a box

Supported by £4,000 from Coventry City of Culture, ‘Art in a Box’ was delivered by Project Manager Daksha Piparia with artist Ammi Kaur-Dhaliwal and illustrator Andrea Mbarushimana. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Armistice Day, their brief was to create, fill and distribute 75 boxes with art materials that anyone could use at home to create artworks inspired by the Peace Orchard, peace education, Normandy Day, apples or the growing cycle, and to produce a booklet about the Peace Orchard project. Individuals from all backgrounds were invited to apply for a box and create artworks to be displayed at the Peace Orchard which the artists, their families and wider public could view.

Download the booklet

Download activity sheets

As we emerge from the pandemic into Coventry’s year as City of Culture, which starts in May 2021, plans are being made for the next phase of ‘Your Peace Orchard’ involving an ‘artist in residence’ and a ‘poet in residence’.