Aims of the Peace Education Resource

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The Orchard in the curriculum

The Coventry Peace Orchard is a place of learning, commemoration, therapy and peace. These ideas are from Cardinal Newman Catholic secondary school, which makes regular use of the Orchard for practical curriculum activities.

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Peace in the Curriculum

Including a Peace Calendar and 10 ways to include peace in your curriculum.

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Coventry: City of Peace and Reconciliation

On some of the roads leading into Coventry there are signs that say Coventry is a ‘city of peace and reconciliation.’ Where does this reputation come from and what does it mean?

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Conflict resolution

What is the difference between conflict and violence? Can conflict sometimes be necessary? Can conflict lead to something good?

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Developing inner peace

This section aims to help children and young people manage their own emotions and responses to others.

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Remember & commemorate

This section includes case studies of two prominent people who used their talent and conviction to work as peacemakers and healers in different ways

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Peace museums

When you first hear about a ‘peace museum’ you might feel confused. It’s easy to imagine what goes into a war museum, but what can you put in a peace museum?

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Films by school students

These films were produced by students at Cardinal Newman School in Coventry as part of their peace education activities.

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Balbir K Sohal, Peace and Education Consultant
and Dr Carol Rank, Honorary Research Fellow
at Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University